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Best Plant Based / Vegan Burger In Los Angeles 2020

The evolution of plant based burgers is something that is growing and evolving at the rate of the iPhone. Growing from the soy processed frozen circle i hesitate to even call it a patty to todays Beyond, Impossible, and hand crafted usually bean-based patties made in your favorite restaurant. We are going to explore the best most delicious plant based patty in Los Angeles 2020 edition. To provide a little context i have lived in Los Angeles for 5+ years and have been vegan for the same amount of time. I have eaten more than 100 variations of plant based burgers all around the world and i know what vegans want and what they don't. In this list i will put different styles as we are all a collection of beautifully mixed people with mixed tastes there will be a burger in here for everyone. Who doesn't already feel like ordering a PB burger on Door Dash right now? i know i do. If you want to see visuals of these delicious plant based burgers please watch the video on our YouTube channel 

1. Monty's Good Burger. The staple of Los Angeles fast food if you ask any Angeleno is Inn and Out, and a common misconception is that vegans do not like the taste of meat, that is actually not true it is delicious we all can agree what it is NOT is sustainable, or ethical so a vegan will recreate things in a way where everyone can enjoy them and feel great about themselves in the process. Seems like a win/win right? We agree. Here is where Monty's Good Burger comes into the picture. This restaurant is basically a carbon copy of Inn and Out just done plant based version. It is going to be that good kind of greasy that you crave late at night served with tater tots and a plant based milkshake. It is a hole in the wall vibe that when you bring your friends there you feel cool that you even know such a place exists. The environment is curated to feel that way on purpose so people feel special walking in like they are going in some New York City speak easy, but what makes it even more special is the food matches your expectations.  

2. Veggie Grill. As Monty's is the Inn and Out of the Plant Based World i will call Veggie Grill the McDonalds. One of the things that made the Golden Arches so successful is the key word 'consistency' It does not matter where you are anywhere in the world if you order a Big Mac you will get the same thing. Same quality, same taste, same everything. Humans are creatures of habit, and as much as we love exploring adventurous restaurants who are putting deconstructed pineapple on hemp or whatever humans also love stability and comfort. Veggie Grill is that stable comfort location. You are going to get good service, you are going to get hot french fries, you are going to get a well put together burger you can count on it. It might not be the most delicious burger in LA but if you want to show your non-vegan family a place and they are giving you once opportunity to choose where to eat and you do not want to fail you can choose here. 

3. Crossroads Kitchen. Who says you can't get a perfectly prepared plant based burger in a fancy restaurant? Crossroads Kitchen offers the "All Grown Up Burger"  This celebrity packed restaurant will offer you your Impossible Burger in style and in a very Los Angeles inspired environment. Placed on the famous Melrose street in West Hollywood you can guarantee this burger is going to be super fresh and paired with a premium cocktail sitting next to an A-List celebrity. 

4. The Counter. This place makes you fill out your order on a piece of paper with a little pencil they give you because they have so many options, is that annoying? Absolutely. Is it worth it? Yes. I go to the counter quite often as it gives you a very nice bar-restaurant vibe and the portions are huge. If you are looking for a patio vibe to get a beer and a burger this is your place.  

5. Vow Burger. Vow is wow. Vow Burger is special to me because this restaurant offers breakfast burgers. You heard that right, you feel like a burger for breakfast? Because i do actually ALL THE TIME. Using Plant Based egg, on their plant based burger patty it is the most delicious breakfast you will have since going vegan! Also what makes this place stand out is their sides options, the hash browns, the curly fries, and the loaded fries are the best! The actual burger itself is going to be similar to a Monty's Good Burger. A deliciously greasy, and cheesy plant based option for the vegan craving that oh so bad goodness. 

Those are the top 5 plant based / vegan burgers in Los Angeles. They are the ones you absolutely must try at least once and you wont be let down! Watch our video on our youtube channel if you want to see this blog with the visuals that will make you drool all over your computer.